There are a number of places where you can post questions or other comments about pyparsing.

Pyparsing Wiki discussion

The discussion tab on the pyparsing home page has become an ongoing informal support list. When posting code to this discussion page, please bear in mind the following:
  • enclose code in [[code]] tags - these tags should be on a line by themselves, before and after the code (there is no [[/code]] tag)
  • keep code lines under 75 characters long if possible - the wikispaces display code will concatenate lines ending in \, so if you break up lines, leave off the continuation \ characters (I know this makes copy/paste from the page difficult, but pages with long lines are very hard to read)

You can also browse that page for previous posts.

Pyparsing mailing list on SourceForge

You can e-mail your message to pyparsing-users(a) To subscribe/unsubscribe to this list, go to this page and enter your e-mail address. Previous messages can be seen at the pyparsing list archives.

SourceForge Help/Discussion Forum

You can post questions and comments on the Help/Discussion forum of the pyparsing project area on SourceForge.

SourceForge Tracker

The pyparsing project area on SourceForge has pages for:


There is a private pastebin for pyparsing snippets located at Use this pastebin to post debugging snippets while debugging or collaborating on pyparsing applications.